MICPA Member

New Member Categories of MICPA

  • Member
    • A qualified accounting professional (either PAPP or PAIB) who is entitled to the designation as “CPA (Myanmar)” with relevant practical experience recognized by the Institute, in accordance with the guidelines of practical experience prescribed on the Institute website, who is registered with the Institute.
    • Those who are CPA (full-fledged) or CPA (passed) with relevant practical experience of 3 years can be “Members”.
  • Fellow Member
    • A member who has completed 5 years of membership with the Institute (as “Member” defined above: in accordance with the clause 1(j)(i)) of the Constitution and who has applied in writing to the Institute for such recognition.
    • Only those “members” with 5 years membership can be “Fellow Members”. “Students” and “Affiliate” members must first become “Members” in order to become “Fellow Members”. Five years of membership as “Student” or “Affiliate” does not count towards fellow membership.
  • Affiliate
    • Either of the followings;
      • A PAIB who has academic qualification of CPA with no practical experience recognized by the Institute (or)
      • A PAIB, with or without relevant practical experience, who has a foreign academic qualification which is recognized by the Council as entitled to take the CPA qualification examination held by the Council but has not actually passed such CPA qualification examination.
    • A CPA (passed) with no practical experience (or) an ACCA affiliate or ACCA member who has NOT YET passed the CPA Qualifying Exam by the MAC can be registered as “Affiliate”.
  • Student
    • Any person registered with the Council as CPA student or any person registered as student with other foreign qualifications recognized by the Council as equivalent to CPA.
    • CPA students as well as ACCA students and CIMA students can be registered as “Student Members”.
  • Honorary Member
    • A distinguished person, a technically skilled person (or) a high-ranking government official who is interested in accounting profession and who can contribute good advice to the Institute in some way or other and who is considered appropriate as “honorary member” by the Board.

Member Benefits and Rights

A MICPA member may enjoy the following benefits based on their membership category:

Member benefits Fellow Member Affiliate Student
Right to attend regular MICPA CPD events at a standard discount rate, lower than outsiders’ fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Right to participate in trainings limited to MICPA members only, jointly conducted by MICPA and its regional/international partners. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Right for priority consideration for limited-seat- training and CPD seminars, jointly conducted by MICPA and its regional/international partners, compared to non-members. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Right of access to full sets of IFRSs with member access log-in (both original English version and translated Myanmar version after the T/L) Yes Yes - -
Right to receive FOC email circulation of soft-data MICPA quarterly magazines, which would feature “Old Questions and Model Answer” for CPA Exams Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • to receive regular updates from MICPA Secretariat for new notifications (Laws, Regulations, Notifications, Orders, etc.) issued by the Myanmar Accountancy Council and respective regulatory bodies (Central Bank, Directorate of Company Administration and Investment, Internal Revenue Dept, etc.)
  • to receive updates of any networking events/any career fair/career opportunities (vacancy announcement, etc.) from local and international companies.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Right to participate in networking events/study tours organized by MICPA, to local companies or international study tours Yes Yes Yes Yes
Right to take the CPA Qualifying Examination held by MAC (as a pathway to CPA) without needing to pay a lumpsum one-off member registration fees - - Yes Yes

Members’ obligations

To maintain their membership in MICPA, all members are obliged to comply with the Code of Ethics (2018 version) issued by the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) under the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), as per the official notification no. 10/2019 by the Myanmar Accountancy Council, whereas those designated as CPA (CPA students to full-fledged) are additionally required to comply with all the rules and regulations prescribed by the Myanmar Accountancy Council Law 2015 and its subsequent notifications.

Additionally, there are certain requirements prescribed for its “members” and “fellow members” to fulfill. Whether they are PAPP (i.e. Practicing Accountants) or PAIB (i.e. Non-practicing accountants), they have to complete 120 CPD hours within a period of 3 consecutive years. A minimum of 20 CPD hours are required for first registration, but another 100 CPD hours must be completed to bring it up to a total of 120 hours within the 3 years. For PAPP (i.e. Practicing Accountants), all 120 CPD hours must be structured hours although 50% of 120 hours is allowed for unstructured hours for PAIBs.

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Seminars are conducted at least once a month by MICPA on International Accounting Standards (IAS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Standards on Auditing (ISA), Professional Ethics, Myanmar Companies Law, Taxation, Stock Exchange, Insolvency Law and other related subjects that are designed to enhance their professional efficiency and competency.