The Union of Burma (Myanmar) Revolutionary Council promulgated Burma Accountancy Council Law (BACL) in 1972 which created a new accountancy regulatory body called Burma Accountancy Council (MAC) and a new cadre of Certified Public Accountants (CAPs) in Burma and allowed the previously qualified Registered Accountants (RAs) to be enrolled as CPAs. In 1994, the Government of the State Law and Order Restoration Council repealed the previous BACL 1972 by the new MACL, 1994 updating the syllabus for CPA examinations, treating RAs as CPAs and recapturing the same professional ethics of auditors again in the new Law.

The objectives of the MAC’s functions can be classified as follows:

  • generating qualified accountants;
  • contributing for the development of accounting professions; and
  • Governing for assurance of observance on codes of ethics in accounting professions.

Under the supervision of the MAC, Myanmar Institute of certified Public Accountants (MICPA) was formed in 2003. The principle objectives of MICPA are:

  • to develop the accounting and auditing knowledge;
  • to obtain international recognition for Myanmar professional accountants;
  • to encourage members observe the professional codes of ethics; and
  • to develop the technical competence of members.



Executive Committee Members

( 1 ) U Wan Tin, Chairman
( 2 ) Dr.Tin Latt, Vice Chairman
( 3 ) U Moe Kyaw, Vice Chairman
( 4 ) U Aung Naing Maung Maung Secretary
( 5 ) Daw Aye Thida Treasurer
( 6 ) U Myat Noe Aung Joint Secretary

( 7 ) U Kyaw Tin, Member
( 8 ) U Maung Maung Aung, Member
( 9 ) U Ye Yint Win, Member
( 10 ) U Aung Naing, Member
( 11 ) Daw Cho Cho Aung